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Neverwinter Tips for Devoted Cleric Class

For some players who may feel a little difficult to do the campaign with devoted cleric, here are some tips to make it easier.


Below are tips for the devoted cleric:


One, start by just swapping out Light of Divinity with Foresight, and swap Sunburst out with Astral Shield. Try to make sure in your fights you start off with casting a normal Divine Glow on yourself, and use your empowered tics on casting a fully empowered Astral Shield. Brand of the Sun and Astral Seal are recommended. AC is a bit tankier of a paragon if you would rather go that route (although it does less damage so soloing will take a bit longer). You can obtain one free respec token by purchasing it from a specific campaign vendor, to get the currency and find this vendor you will want to do the Benign Order of the Third Eye campaign. Keep in mind though that you will only get one "free" respec token from this vendor so make absolutely sure you want to switch, otherwise your next respec is going to cost you some AD/Zen/. And also make sure your gear is up to date as much as possible. Good gear will go a long way towards keeping you alive.


Two, if you don't know how to use divinity-empowerment, you're leaving out a lot of your dps and tankiness. You might want to try a couple of combos to see which feels better. You could also play around with replacing Flame Strike with Hammer of Fate.


Three, a quick tip is to get a "tank" companion to use when solo'ing, get better gear, make sure to use your "daily" spells and take maximum advantage of your area affect spells, dodge / don't let them behind you. Join a guild or otherwise find someone else to team up with. Other clerics etc. Young 70's will be struggling too so if you can team up with just 1 other player it will be a cake walk.


Hope these tips can be a little helpful for people who are at level 70 with devoted cleric class. Our website provide you guide about gameplay as well as enough Astral Diamonds to exchange for Zen.