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Neverwinter: How to Improve Oathbound Paladin for Solo Play

Oathbound Paladin is one of the Neverwinter classes. Players may wonder how to invest Zen and Astral Diamonds to improve Oathbound Paladin. So the page gives you the suggestions to how to optimize the class by investment.


Neverwinter oathbound paladin


1). Buy VIP and mount with Wanderer's Fortune bonus (Lord's Armored Polar Bear for example, it also has +2000 Defense which will be good for a tank). If you already opened the boxes you get for leveling, start another character and level him to lvl 20 for 15% coupon for a mount, or wait till you get coupon from invoking.


2). Get 3 Bonding Runestones, at least three R8 and use them on your companion.


3). Buy Quartermaster enchantment, even one R5 and put it into Utility slot and start collecting bags, you won't be opening them for a long time, but better to start gathering them now. Also buy one Dragon Hoard and Fey Blessing and put them into Utility slots.


4). Once you hit level 70 get Dusk Boots pack from AH as well as Warborn Gloves (PvP gear but still with good stats), you can also get Drowcraft shirt and pants from AH, they should be quite cheap. Once you get enough Trade Bars get second piece of Dusk. That should give you quite a boost at the beginning.


5). Get artifact neck and belt, for OP Black Ice set is the best option. Blue quality ones shouldn't be expensive.


6). Then you can start farming Seals of Elements for blue Alliance gear for pieces you're missing, or farm Demonic Heroics for Demonic Ichors so you can buy Drowcraft gear.


What do you think of these suggestions? Hope they are helpful for you. And more Astral Diamonds, you can found on our online store, where is professional at it and also news and guide is available.