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Neverwinter 10 Tips for Newbies or New 70s

Neverwinter is a classical MMORPG, which attracts many players to play. Since there are players playing for years, also there are some players who are new to the game. So this page will give those who are new players or just reach level 70 several tips.


Neverwinter tips


Neverwinter 10 Tips

1. Any green or higher armor that is level 70 can be identified and refined into any artifact weapon or artifact armor.

2. The only way to transfer Astral Diamonds (AD) to another character in your account is to use the Astral Diamond exchange. If you convert the AD to Zen and then switch characters you can withdraw the Zen (or) Make an unbelievable amount of conversion rate and cancel the transaction to withdraw the AD directly.

3. Artifact armor/artifact sets (typical Artifact Necklace, Artifact Belt, and an Artifact slot) will boost your character more than the higher level armors (such as Dragonflight).

4. At level 70 the game is an armor grind, but even more so a "boon grind". Your character will gain tons of help just by completing campaigns and earning the boon rewards from the quest lines (i.e. Elemental Evil, Sharandar, Dread Ring, etc.)

5. You will gain tons of different currencies and riches through the game, but you will not use a lot of them. In fact, you may not use but a handful ever again after you hit level 70. So don't get overwhelmed with the currency screen.

6. The minimum gear score to get into dungeons (i.e. 1600 for epics) is the bare minimum. From one player's experience, a lot of people have grown to be "item level snobs" or "gear score snobs". 

7. Double Refining Points (RP) will be roughly once a month. If you have the bag space available then hold on to your refining items to get x2 the value. (i.e. Refining Stones, Rank 5/6/7 Enchantments, etc.)

8. You continue to gain "levels" after level 70 and will get an "Experience Reward" every time you fill your experience bar. The Experience Reward has the chance to give you another power point. The power point can be spent to get the Rank 4 version of your constantly used powers/encounters/daily. You will have chance to get a power point each time you level.

9. You can convert AD to Zen and unlock "VIP Ranks" (or pay cash for Zen). I recommend getting VIP ranks started ASAP! It will give you a daily enchanted key, scrolls of identification, and a 2,000 HP buff for all VIP members in a party. You also get Tarmalune Trade Bars with each time you open a box with your enchanted key. It only takes 6 bars to buy a level 7 enchantment. The enchantments and the daily enchanted key will be more than enough AD to convert to Zen to get sustain a VIP membership. VIP Membership offers a travel signpost, mailbox, anvil, etc. at higher levels.

10. Neverwinter is definitely a Pay2Win game. If you find yourself needing more AD, you can buy Zen with real money and then sell your Zen for AD on the Astral Diamond Exchange.


Hope these tips can be a little helpful for your playing. Of course, as a newbie or a guy who newly reaches level 70, you can see some gameplay videos to help play better. Of course, enough in-game currency is also important. Use Astral Diamonds to exchange Zen, gain the items, more are available on our website.