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Neverwinter: How to Progress after Hitting Level 60

When you are hitting Level 60 in Neverwinter, it requires you more XP and leveling is mush slower. Making sure you have enough AD to get a decent gear is necessary. This page will give to tips for progression. No matter who you are, new players, or players who have played for a while.




Manage Azure and join guild xp boon

This is the fast and best way. If you're able to join a guild, get your enchants up to 7, and get a decent companion list you'll be fine. They gutted the SH power leveling so you're left with completing the storyline which isn't horrible just slow. Also if you can manage to get someone to help you can clear the buletts in Reclamation Rock. They probably provide decent XP but they're harder to kill if you don't have the dps for them. But the campaigns you mentioned provide good XP, some other are the ones in your SH, your dungeon ones provide great XP as well as a few more. Just keep in mind quests give a hell of a lot more completion XP than killing things, so you want to run through quests as fast as possible. 


Do your 2 dungeons each day for decent XP and about 11k AD

After 2 days of this, it'll be enough to purchase 5 rank 7 azures so that you can fill all of your utility slots. Buy green mount insignias that give XP as well, they are cheap as hell. The dwarven King campaign story line should get you to 63-64 and it's pretty fun and far less tedious.


Get your companions up and slots

Something easy would be to get Fire, Air and earth archon. For your summoned companion try to save for 3 bonding runestones rank 8's to start. On xbox they're around 70-80k each. Keep enchantments slotted in all slots available, as they increase item level significantly, and a higher item level generally leads to an easier experience in the game.


Take part in campagins

Elemental Evil, Sharandar at 64, Maze Chapters & ToD are recommended.


Stats to improve survivability

  • Full Set of Companions(many cheap options now from Winter Festival)
  • Might consider a cheap augment if you don't have Rank 9 Bondings for your summoned active companion
  • Armor with as high of HP as possible. At 62 you might find 2k extra HP per piece. At 65 or 67 should have 4k extra HP per piece.
  • Boons from Elemental evil have 1.6k or 2k bonus HP
  • Mount insignias in all your mounts for bonus stats not reflected in your iLvl


Hope you can get a little help from above tips. Leveling is a long and slow process. What you need is experience and patience. Remember to enjoy the game. More cheap Astral Diamonds can be found on our online store neverwinter-diamonds.com.