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Neverwinter Tips for Players with BIS Character

Players who play with BIS character complain that the game is not challenging enough, so here are some tips for BIS to experience the game with challenges.


The first easy solution for people with BIS characters is to play their other characters who aren't BIS if they want the game to be challenging. In the MMO, the designers could make dungeons that are specifically for BIS characters. However, what would be the point of playing those dungeons if their characters were not rewarded with better gear? After they got that better gear, the newest, hardest dungeons would become easier. And so, the developers would be required to make a new dungeon or increase the difficulty of the same dungeons with every new module. As for yourself, you can have another account. Refining the artifact gear or doing the grinding.


Second, the only real continual challenge any MMORPG can offer is that which can be generated by other players. The only way for PVP to be constantly challenging is for players to be forced to fight other players of the same comparable power level. The only way to accomplish that is to queue by approximate item level. Augment Companions and Enchantments that improve a character's stats or abilities would also need to be incorporated. Furthermore, PVP would be much more interesting if the matches had scenarios which required PVP teams to accomplish particular goals beyond killing each other over and over for ten minutes.


There is another way for PVP to offer a challenge to all players in the fairest way possible. That is introducing some sort of gladiatorial arena with a maximum item level requirement. All gladiators must wear gladiator gear which is the equivalent of uncommon (green) level 70 gear without enchantments and cannot use companions. Boons would also be disabled in the gladiatorial arena and any powers used raised or lowered to rank 3 during the match. There could be a progression system through the arena. The more matches a player or team wins, the higher in ranking they go. Thus they are matched with players or teams of the same ranking.


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