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The Best Campagin Order at Level 60 in Neverwinter

When you are hitting level 60, completing the core maps, you may wonder where you can start campagins. So here are suggestions to help you out and "optimize" your experience.


1. Start the maze engine. Maze engine basically gets to a point where you can only do one quest a day for a campaign currency to advance to the next level. First it's just 5, but then it goes up to 10 and 15 or something like that. So get started on that asap. After elemental evil start on sharandar and dread ring, then well of dragons and IWD. Well and IWD are tougher, so get your IL up before tackling them.


2. At 60 start elemental evil, finish that then start bruenor campaign, in enclave talk to guard. After that focus sharandar until 70, then dread ring and underdark as well. Always do the 5 lower level dragons everyday for tyranny campaign. Once you hit 2k IL start Icewind dale and then the new mod 10 content (mod 10 crap not worth it IMO until done with everything else including guild quests).


3. You may skip EE completely on my alt and run the Dwarf King story line to get lots of exp and then do the underdark missions and those gives you a lot of exp as well and now it is a twofer, do one run and complete two missions at the same time for the extra exp. Since it didn't take that long, mix in some Dread Ring runs for refinement mats and Marks. Once you unlock a few boons and get to IL 2200, you should be able to run anything below Wells of Dragon and IWD to your enjoyment as long as your character is properly built. You might still want to do Spinward Rise asap for the main hand artifact weapon for the set bonus though.


Hope the suggestions can be a little helpful for you. Then you can start to your path. We can provide you enough in-game currency ADs with cheap price. Just enjoy the game.