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Neverwinter Tips for Refining Artifact Weapon

Artifact Weapon is kind of artifact equipment. Each level 60 artifact weapon buffs a non-paragon at-will power (basic attack for each class). Some Guardian Fighter and Hunter Ranger artifact weapons can buff a second at-will to cover stance-switching. Level 70 artifact weapons can buff any activated at-will power. Refining Artifact Weapon is a slow process. Here are tips for refining.


Neverwinter refine artifact weapons


First, buy cheap artifact equipment refining material - by "cheap" ( cost no more than 0.75 AD per refining point).  As you need 4.6M RPs to get each piece of artifact gear to legendary status, this should not cost you more than 3 million AD per item (when you consider crits). In other words, getting mainhand, offhand, neck and belt to legendary is a 12 million AD project. The best item to buy is generally the common (grey) resonance stones. It is better to buy them in the AH whenever the prices are reasonable and leave them in your mailbox until the 2xRP event.


There are a few items you might be able to buy that will give a better return. For example, the green level 60 artifact belts give 3000 RPs when fed into belts (6000 during 2xRP events), but you may be able to get them for as little as 1600 AD. (It is noticeable that the prices have gone up significantly in the last week or so).


Second, hold onto any peridots, sapphires or other refining gem stones you get. Never use them except during 2xRP, and do not use them to level up artifacts - just artifact equipment. (To level up artifacts, use only R4-R5 enchants and artifact stones, but that's not the topic of this post).


Finally, you should notice that it is not feasible to use feeders for artifact equipment, as you will only get back 80% of what you put in. If you are replacing an older piece of artifact equipment, by all means use that during 2xRP, but do not put RPs into artifact equipment with the intention of feeding it into other equipment.


As for blue drops, or blue/purple obsolete equipment, you can keep those. If the salvage value is higher than the RP value, you can save them until a 2xAD event, salvage them at that point, otherwise you save them for a 2xRP event and feed them into your equipment. And if you have any spare leadership workers, you can make them work 24/4 at making bags containing Resonance stones.


So do these tips help you? If so, go to our website and check if there are guides or tips you are interested in. Enough Astral Diamonds (under the situation - full stock) can be got on our website as it is possible that you couldn't get enough ADs for the refining.