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Neverwinter Power Leveling Guide

Some players may have difficulty leveling for a devoted class. This article will bring you some tips and suggestions for leveling your characters faster especially during a 2x Experience weekend.


Neverwinter leveling guide


Zen Store Items

  • Heirloom Pack: Account wide and not only do you get level specific items with enchantment slots, you also get the Mercenary (one of the best DPS bonding companions in game)
  • Inscribed Garments: Account wide shirt and pants that grant 20% XP
  • XP Boosts: These are expensive and not account wide, but they do work in conjunction with the 2x XP event for a massive XP boost
  • VIP: Get an extra 10% through VIP access


AD Items from the Auction House

  • For many of the below items, you can ask an officer in the guild to see if there are any available for you to use that have been donated by members. Make sure to ask before spending your money.
  • Utility Slots: Make sure to slot the highest rank Azure Enchantments you can afford. They stack and you can have up to 5 (Helm, Arms, Feet, Neck, and Belt).
  • Ensorcelled Items: Main Hand, Off Hand, and Neck Item can be found in the AH for a reasonable price. The Neck item is slotted with utility right off the bat, which makes it great for slotting that Azure enchantment.


Other tips:

1. Questing over grinding. Your goal no matter strategies you us will be to complete as many quests as possible. It takes nearly 100 creatures to approximately match the amount of XP you get from a comparable quest.

2. Companions aren't bound by the same rules you are. You can put any level gear you can find that can help them. This can really overpower your summoned or augment companion.

3. The daily dungeon quests in the SH rewards a huge amount of XP, be sure to run this daily. In fact, do as many of the SH quests as you can, they typically reward very good XP and some can be done in conjunction with your normal game play.

4. Find out if anyone in your guild is doing the Stronghold Epic HE's and tag along, they can provide high amounts of XP while helping the guild coffer, earning marks, etc.

5. Start leveling up Leadership right away and choose the tasks that give the largest player XP. You can find tasks that grant well over a 1,000 XP per task. Rule of thumb, largest character XP and shortest duration tasks.

6. Don't forget some guilds have XP boons, make sure yours is active.


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