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Best Ways to Get out of Siege of Neverwinter

Players who want to progress on Stronghold, the Siege is a good time. The fourth siege of Neverwinter took place from Oct. 6th, 2016 to Oct. 16th, 2016. Previouls the event dropped a lot of Stronghold vouchers. Blue quality. Against enemies which drop in a hit or two. And the vouchers drop vouchers of all the junk that's needed, ie, ToD stuff, Gems, Icewind Dale stuff, etc. 


Siege of Neverwinter


In order to get you out of the Siege, here are probable best ways for you.

1. Quest from master of coin in stronghold every 18 hours to recruit guards and thus get 5 def packages;

2. Profession to craft a package every 5 - 6 hours;

3. Grind some battlefield HEs but really any packages or writs from that are a pleasant surprise; once you get enough coin to get a Cart for your defense packages profession, maybe spend on some lesser enchants to hock them for AD after the event's been over for a while.


Here are some extra tips.

1. Never turn in less than the max supplies.

2. Turn in all supplies before event ends. The vendor may stay, but the supply turn in leaves immediately when event ends.

3. For the Stronghold Master of Coin's mission, if you get the bugged guard, you don't have to drop and retake the quest, but can simply type/interactincludevolume in your chat by the guard and hit enter. This will work for anything that gives you trouble due to being buried in collision. 

4. Sabine has a daily mission to do 2 HEs for a reward. You don't need to perform well on these HEs, or concern yourself with your alt farming tons of vouchers or anything like that. As long as you are showing up in time to get in a few hits so that the HE counts for you, the Siege quest can be resolved in no time flat. If you have alts you want to do the Tyranny campaign on but that you're not playing regularly, do Sabine's daily for a nice chunk of dragon currencies. If you get lucky catching just enough of 2 HEs to get credit, it only takes a few minutes.


Take a look at these probably effective ways. Below is a video uploaded by Garlaanx about the Siege of Neverwinter you can take a look.



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