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Cheap and Best Ways for Refinement in Neverwinter

One of important thing in the game is to improve your character and your item level by refining your artifacts and artifact gear. Here are cheap and best ways for your refinement.


It is general that refining your gear during double refinement events. These happen every few months and are worth waiting for. You are gonna waste a lot of time and AD if you don't wait for these. Or buying refinement items during double enchantment and rune drop events is also wise, as you usually get enchants and runes cheaper. 


If you want to save your expanse, and want to farm refinement items, here are the ways. On the one hand, you can do Dread Ring quests every day. These reward you with a lot of refinement items. Even some Greater Marks. On the other hand, always wear Dragon's Hoard Enchantments. These can be acquired through the Tyranny of Dragons campaign or through the auction house. These will make refinement items drop from 1-5% percent of mobs killed per Enchant depending on its rank. Besides, Heroic Events in your guild Stronghold also reward you with resonance stones.


Then it comes to refining artifacts. The best way is to do math. The method changes depending on a number of factors and whilst there are many "miracle refinement guides" out there, they all leave out 1 thing or another. As a PC player, throw cheap enchant stacks directly into the artifact you intend to use, because the actual RP is ludicrously inexpensive compared to the cost of a feeder artifact (even something really cheap like Catalogues). On the Xbox, hovever, RPs are proportionally more expensive so there it makes sense to use the "6-feeders" method. Get 4 artifacts of the same type as the target and get those up to level 59. Feed those in pairs into two more blank artifacts, and feed those two into the target which should get it to Mythic status.


In terms of Artifact Equipment Refinement, buying uncommon equipment of the auction house and using it to refine into your artifact gear can be very cheap but will take a lot of time! Other than that you will either have to farm a lot of resonance stones, or spend AD on resonance stones.


Hope these ways can be a little helpful. I've found on reddit that some players don't want to switch to mod 10, and they think it is nonsense, so waht do you think? Except the above mentioned ways, you can still get items for Xbox and PS4 with cheap price on our online store, or you can know more information about the game.