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Neverwinter: How to Prepare for PvP in Mod 10

As we know that the mod 10 Storm King's Thunder has come to Neverwinter, and then its expansion Sea of Moving Ice has also updated. There are also new PvP sets in the mod 10. So here is how to prerare for PvP in Mod 10.


You need 1800 Seal of triump coins and 80,000 Glory for the new PvP sets in mod 10.


Neverwinter mod 10 new PvP sets


In mod10 you will get 60coins per daily win + 30 coins from Stronghold quest called "Triumphant Banners" which involves submitting 10 Banners of the Fallen that You can get from doing SH pvp and/or opening SH boxes that you get from SH pvp (You buy keys for that using Zen store or AH). 


Suppose you start with 0 coins and get 90 per day it will take you 20 days to get BIS PvP gear. And then the below things are what you need to do for the preparations:


  • Run Domination until you cap your glory at 50k, run daily pvp for the daily seal coin.
  • Run Gauntletgrym PvP because you can trade the Grym coins for Glory, essentially allowing you to store more glory than 50k cap in coins form, PROTIP: Wait for double glory event before submitting them when the time comes.
  • Run SH PvP with your guild, You'll need 60 banners to afford the gear within 20 days (50 is cap so becareful not to overfarm)


Besides, you can buy the lower tier with tarmalune bars + Zen glory boost bundle (145 bars for 2 pieces + 2000 Zen) and it's a really good set.


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