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CTA Storm Front Returns in Neverwinter

Call to Arms event Storm Front is back for Storm King's Thunder in Neverwinter. It is available for players from from 6-70 levels. The event starts from Thursday, November 3 at 10AM PT to Monday, November 7 at 10AM PT.


For the event, you are able to queue for these skirmishes at any time while the event is active. You can also gain the following rewards for defending the blizzard and driving the invasion away.


Rimefire Golem: The secret of making Rimefire constructs has recently been revealed and now adventurers are gaining access to these powerful golems. As a green quality companion, the Rimefire Golem has a Max Rank of 25. The active bonus from the Rimefire Golem gives you 500 additional HP.


Savage Enchantment: Players will receive Rank 1 or 2 enchantments from slaying enemies and can receive up to a Rank 5 Savage Enchantment at the end of every Call to Arms skirmish.


Chill Wind Dye Pack: Let it go and look cool with this new dye pack sure to make you the envy of the mountains. You'll have no trouble blending into the snowy mountains of the north.


Glacial Weapon Transmutation Items: As if you forged your weapons straight from a monstrous glacier, your weapons can now take on an icy form with the Glacial Weapon Transmutation Items. Turn in the Medallions of Battle you receive from the Skirmish to Garora Oakhew to purchase these.


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