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Best Armour Enchants for OP Tank in Neverwinter

When you have reached level 70, build for mainly tank you currently run plague fire weapon enchant which is pretty good so far. Are you looking for which is best suitable for your character?


Some consider that you want whichever piece of armour has the most recovery on it, then Holy Avenger and Elven Battle imo are suitable. 


It's up to yourself. Someone prefers Elven battle/negation for defense. Elven Battle is that any decent OP will be at the 80% Damage Resistance for most of the time. Elven Battle means you spend more time on your feet, not stunned etc which means it's easier to manage your AP gain. Plague fire, terror, Holy Avenger or Fey for offense. Holy Avenger is a buff enchantment, increasing the resistance of your allies, meaning they transfer less damage to you while you're shielding. If you have a very specific reflect setup specced plague is good for party support, otherwise if not then terror. For dps (or PvP), Fey is recommend, holy avenger being my last choice.


While some put Negation into consideration. Negation is good for if you purposely want to stand in Dot attack areas without fear, or to take on mass quantities of enemy's. This is because negation stacks up to 10 for a total of 30% damage negation on pure enchant. This means if you stand in a DoT area with negation a stack procs every second or so.So you stack that 30% very quickly. When your gear is not good enough to hit invincibility status quickly, you can rely on Negation. Once it gets there, you can switch to Eleven for at that point as a Tankadin you'll be invincible and immune to most control effects ( or at the very least VERY resistant to them).


Of course, hope the suggestions of these people can be helpful to you to decide which is suitable for your character. Then if you lack of the in-game currencies, Astral Diamonds, you can get with cheap price on our website. Perhaps the guide our website offer may be helpful that you can take a look.