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Neverwinter: Overpowered Loyal Gear Alternatives

In this page, let's take a look at what alternatives to have that the loyal gear is overpowered. Pick the proper gear which can help you outfit your companion.


Companion slots are always from the following types: ring, neck, waist, talisman, grimoire, icon, and sword knot. Whilst there are companion only variants (Stronghold companion gear, Loyal x gear, and Adorable x gear), companions can also utilise items that the player themselves could use. The overpowered alternatives are below.


Adorable Gear


Super expensive as these only drop from the Leg companion pack from the New Life lockbox (seriously Devs, you let 12 pieces drop from the orange version, you couldn't let 3 drop from the purple). Stats were more in line with what the rest of the game has on offer.Adorable gear provides 869 stat points (split between 2), and all have 2 enchant slots. Now majority have 1 Offense and 1 Defense, however there is a variant that have 2 Offense, and a variant that has 2 Defense slots.


Stronghold Companion Gear


Stronghold companion gear provides 869 stat points (split between 2), and each piece has 1 Defense Slot and 1 Overload slot (because this is pretty much the only way people might ever buy the companion overload enchants from the gemonger). As we know there are other ways to obtain half decent gear that are either rings, necks, waists, talismans, grimoires, icons, or sword knots and that is via Professions. Your stat allocations aren't awful, however not all gear types have a double slot capability. Also, all of the craftable gear comes from Rare tasks (which is a nightmare to deal with/locate since Gateway was shut down).




The realm of Talismans, Grimoires, and Icons now is not as amazing as the Jewelcrafting types as they only have 1 enchant slot and cannot be personalised (but you can craft them on any toon, or grab off the AH) but still give decent stats.There are 3 variants for each item type (each has different stat combos), but all provide 878 stat points (split between 2 stats) plus 1 Offense slot for majority of builds out there, offense slots are a thousand times better than defense so puts these miles ahead of the Stronghold companion gear (at least for Talismans, Grimoires, and Icons).


Loyal Gear


So if you have a spare arm, and a leg (and potentially some kidneys as well), you can pick these up for a pretty penny/ad via the AH. Loyal gear has always offered the best stats and as the Mimic King stated, is probably overpowered compared to the above as you can see .The Loyal gear all had 1304 stat points (split between 2 stats) + 10% bonus for the companion, except for the loyal Avenger which was a full 1739 stat points (split between 3 stats). Each piece has 1 Offense slot and 1 Defense slot.


Except the above mentioned, you may get your own choices, of course. When you get involved in the game, finding out you lack of ADs or you can't farm enough ADs, you can get cheap Astral Diamonds on our website as well as items you require for the game. Have fun with your game.