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Neverwinter: Knight of the Feywild Pack is Available

It must be excited to hear the news from Neverwinter officially that the Knight of the Feywild Pack is to be available on sale in the Zen Market on Thursday, November 3.


There are nine items(all items can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account) in this Knight of the Feywild Pack, including: 


Moon Elf Race: It comes with three unique racial powers and a distinct complexion. Once unlocked on your account, you can make any number of Moon Elves.


Dawn Unicorn: The most majestic creature you will see in all of Neverwinter. 


Sylph Companion: An offensive companion that will provide needed assistance in the heat of battle. The Sylph provides a large boost to your characters ability to resist control effects. 


Moonsilver Regalia: A full set of the most fine elven clothing. 


Loamweave Enchantment: An armor enchantment that will produce a leafy aura around the item that is enchanted, along with a chance to root attackers. When applied to an item, on receiving the damage you have a 12.5% chance to deal physical damage and root your attcker for three seconds(1 second on players). This effect can only occur once every 60 seconds.


Stone of Earth: A neck slot item that causes a small rock to float in front of you while increasing your Defense and Deflect. This item can be used in transmutation! 


Adventurer's Helper Pack: A bundle of scrolls, skill kits, an XP boost, and other consumables that will help you in your adventures.


"Knight of the Feywild" Title: An in-game title will strike fear into your foes. This title can be used on every character on your account.


Extra Character Slot: Unlock an additional character slot on your account!


Reddit users reflected that this action is awesome and they would like to get the unicorn. You can read the news on the forum about the function of every item. Hope you can get the pack by lucky.