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Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Farming Guide for Newbie

Astral Diamonds are vital in-game currency. Here are tips to help beginners to gain more ADs so that they can get self-sufficient. Self-suffiency means you are making at least 72,000 astral diamonds a day first, then you are an asset in delves, finally, you have access to all content in the game.


First, get the right gears. Priority one for you should be knowing how to play your class. There will always be unique builds to each class, but I strongly suggest that your first character should have the most effective build available. You should just stick with the best build for your class. Know which artifacts are recommended for your class and why. There will always be cheaper options, so be sure to check which artifacts you want.Then Grinding your Astral Diamonds through different phases.


Phase one: The easiest way to grind out astral diamonds early on is by doing dungeons and skirmishes. Your first two dungeon and skirmish runs will net you a considerable amount of rough astral diamonds. Each succeeding run will only award you a smaller amount until you net the maximum of 7,200 from each category. Invoking has changed significantly since mod 10 was introduced. Praying to the gods will reward you with bonus rough astral diamonds which you can claim when you do any rough astral diamond-producing activity. These bonus rough astral diamonds stack and do not expire but it has a maximum of 100,000.


What to do at level 70? 


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After reaching the level 70, you shall enter the grinding phase two. After hitting lvl 70, you should be able to start farming more astral diamonds. That is to grind it by salvaging gears. Gears for salvaging can be obtained from epic dungeons skirmishes, demonic encounters, and Tower of Celandine in Sharandar. Epic dungeons might be a little over your head at this point, so it's better to stick to normal dungeons for now. Hitting 2,500 item level means that you have access to all contents in the game. This is the minimum item level for Epic Demogorgon, which has the highest minimum item lvl requirement in Neverwinter.


Finally, when you reach 2.5k ILVL you should be able to easily produce at least 72k astral diamonds a day. In this phase of astral diamond farming, non-main characters should still continue doing in normal dungeons but they can stop doing skirmishes. Just do two epic dungeon runs, and as many epic skirmishes as you need to amass enough gears to salvage so you max-out your daily refine limit on at least two characters.


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