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The Maze Engine in Neverwinter

The Engine is the 9th expansion for Neverwinter MMORPG and it will carry on Underdark storyline. In this article, something about the engine will be talked about.

The Maze Engine is going to pit players against powerful, new demonic threats, Baphomet and Orcus. The Maze Engine in possession of The Horned King Baphomet. Orcus, who is the Prince of Undeath, is currently residing in the abandoned Castle Never, reanimating slain heroes of the castle into an undead army.


The Maze Engine also offers some gameplay updates such as four leveling dungeons and Castle Never, that is now upgraded to an epic Dungeon.


There is also a new Mounts System that allows players to customize their mounts and how they are kept. You'll be seeing a new queue systems and brand new campaign.


  • Return of Castle Never - Orcus has taken over this abandoned dungeon and filled its halls with undead adventurers. The level 70 Epic Dungeon returns with fresh visuals, and has had its design optimized for efficiency as well as both new and updated rewards.
  • New Mounts System - Players can customize their favorite mounts with abilities from other mounts.
  • Four Leveling Dungeons - Returning dungeons include Cloak Tower, Pirate King's Retreat, The Frozen earth Heart and Caverns of Karrundax.
  • Improved Queue System - Players can join up with their friends and large groups to conquer group challenges from dungeons, the Demogorgon battle, Tiamat and more.
  • New Baphomet Campaign - The storyline which began in Underdark continues, pitting adventurers against a siege of demons alongside iconic D&D heroes.


The Maze Engine is just the beginning and is one of the first major updates planned for Neverwinter this year.