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How to Solve Common Issues in Neverwinter PS4 Version

There are many bugs or problems for Neverwinter ps4 game. However, the latest Neverwinter Patch Notes still do not really solve the important problems such as the dungeons, common issues and known bugs. So here are solutions to fix the common issues that you may meet on Neverwinter PS4.


What to do when your game is frozen on the loading screen?

On certain occasions, loading out of Helm's Hold, Vellosk and a few other maps, and then logging back in will result in the game freezing on the loading screen. If you already have been stuck, there are two ways to work around the issue:


  • Log in with an alternate character that has completed the tutorial, and then switch characters back to the frozen one.
  • Submit a ticket at


How to group up with friends on Neverwinter PS4?

1. You have to be on the same instance. You can change instances using the Menu, which is the last option under Quests. Then you can find out which instance your friend is on by going to the Social menu, and clicking on the Friends option.


2. In some dungeons, if you can't complete the quest dialogue or leave the dungeon while in a group, the only fix is ungrouping to finish dialogue and leave. Then end up in different instances.


3. In a group, if you cannot view some tooltips, try to work around this and disable in-game voice chat.


For other issues like unable to download or run into an error message about "Content cannot be accessed," you can restart your console to fix it. If you need Astral Diamonds for PS4, you can click our website to buy more.