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Neverwinter: What to do at level 70

If you've reached level 70 in Neverwinter and don't know what to do now, here is a guide designed to help you out on your way to gearing up your character.


1. The very first thing you should do, if you didn't complete it while leveling, is to finish the Final Vigilance quest in Spin ward Rise. This will award you with an artifact weapon to use at level 70. Simply complete 8 repeatable quests on each of the three islands and voila.


2. The second thing to do at level 70 is to speak to your old pal Sergeant Knox. He will give you the quest "Protector's Emissary" to speak to Lord Neverember and you will get a nice cloak and an offhand artifact weapon.


3. Get simple rare quality item upgrades for other slots. You can either run normal dungeons (Temple of the Spider is very easy) or spend a few astral diamonds on the auction house to buy some new gear. Usually you will find a few upgrades here without spending to much. Rare quality item level 115 gear only cost around 200-300AD per piece. You should also buy epic quality shirt and pants, these go for a lot more (15k-30k ad) but it is well worth it and goes a long way to getting your gearscore up.


4. Get proper item Enchantments and upgrade them. These also increase your item level.


5. Work on the different expansion zones to get powerfull boons.


6. If you want you can do some PvP to get some pretty good gear. I don't PvP much but i will usually do a couple of PvP matches for AD every day, and will eventually get some gear along the way.


7. Collect Gear/Enchantments/Marks and anything you can use to refine and upgrade your gear and Enchantments. Even green quality gear can be used to upgrade artifacts. You will get a stuff to do this from working on daily quests for the different modules. It can be smart to save these for double refinement events.


At this point you will most likely have more of an insight in what end game is about in Neverwinter and what you should be doing. This guide is not complete, if you have other ideas, you can share with surrounding game players. Our website is a good place to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and Zen for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We are reliable to delive your orders fast and you can enjoy good service as well as the news.