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What You Need to Gear up for Neverwinter FBI Dungeon

Fangbreaker Island (FBI) dungeon is not a easy one to play. It's usual that can't be completed by everyone. Before you enter the dungeon, you shall meet the requirements of FBI.


In order to be qualified for FBI dungeon, you can go with:

  • Frostburn Gloves (AH), Armor & Boots (T-Bars). Equipping them,  reinforcing them to Tier 3 with Voninblood
  • Makos Ring (equipped only while queued)
  • Everfrost Armor Kits
  • Potion of Everfrost Resist
  • 2nd Campaign Boon


Remember to fill the Armor with Voninblood. If you don't wear the armor during regular play, you shouldn't have to worry about keeping it restored.


Neverwinter FBI dungeon


Additionally, here are things you need to gear up for this dungeon.

1. Get 28% frostburn damage resistance

  • The chest (4%) and boots (3%) off the tarmalune tradebar merchant (80ish tradebars for chest and 60ish for boots).
  • The arms pack off the tradehouse (usually go for around 20k AD, gives 3%).
  • A potion from the vendor (5%) and a food item from guild stronghold (2%).
  • Get both boons from the campaign (2% each, total 4%), and the ring from the campaign quest in cold run (3%).
  • Two Frostburn Resistance Armor Kits from the tradehouse (they're down to around 60k AD currently, maybe less) and put them on your tunic and leggings.


2. Get 3100 item level

  • Shoot for rank 10 enchants in every slot, which is cheaper than buy them.
  • Stock up on rank 7 enchants during double enchant/runestone weekend when they are cheap on the TH. Use them as refinement during double refinement weekend.
  • Upgrade rank 7s to rank 8, then rank 8s to rank 9, and finally rank 9s to rank 10. To do this, Greater Marks of Potency and preservation wards are needed.


Remember not to equip the frostburn resist gear until you are ready for qeuing for the dungeon. What you need to do is to do your dailies every single day in every zone, and farm heroic encounters as often as you can for voninblood if you need to empower your gear.


Do you get useful information from above? For those who are playing this dungeon, have fun with this game.