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Neverwinter: Tips to Defeat Tiamat

Defeat Tiamat in a 25-player raid has been added to Neverwinter to take on Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, in the 5th Neverwinter free to play module. This raid is a lot harder than most in Neverwinter. It can be discouraging, but if the group works together and knows the tips and tricks to it, you can be successful. Here are random tips to help you.


1. Doing the battle in this way gives the raid the maximum amount of time to kill each of Tiamat's heads. If they do not all die in one wave then they will reappear the next wave with 20% health.


2. When you die,(not if you die, when you die), make sure you heal your wounds and use potions again. Don't charge back in while unbuffed and wounded. You will just die again.


3. If a head is killed prematurely just leave it to the final wave. There should be enough time to kill it. However, make sure to announce to the raid the tactics that are being used. Leave heads at 5% until the final kill in dragon wave 3.


4. Different Dragon Soul Gems work slightly differently and should be used a little differently. Black and White work like a cure. Use after affected. If used a little early the damage will be deflected but the debuff may not be. Red, Green, and Blue act like a shield. Use just before. Use the taller dragon fighting platforms to jump to the platforms next to them.


I hope these tips doing well in defeating Tiamat in Neverwinter and helps you out.