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Neverwinter Guild Guide: How to Join or Create a Guild

Guilds is one of the exciting additions from expansions. The guild lets you gain access to an entirely new area - Stronghold area. Besides, the guild can build a number of structures that produce resources and provide other benefits like permanent stat boosts. The guild can also purchase guild bank space with Astral Diamonds, a currency earned by completing specific types of quests. So in this article, how to join or creat a guild and how to join the window central guild will be discussed.


Join or Create a guild

Ask a member of the guild with invite privileges to invite you to join a guild. That has to be on the basis of your character needs to be the minimum level set by the guild in order to accept the invite.


Creating a guild takes five players of level 15 or higher to gather in a single group. Once you have such a team gathered, everyone needs to switch to the same Instance.


How to join the Windows Central Guild

1. Reach level 45 or higher and not in another guild at present.


2. Message on Xbox Live with your CharacterName@Gamertag.


Neverwinter is a vast free-to-play MMORPG that can be fully enjoyed whether or not you spend real money. Make sure to keep leveling up so you can team up and conquer with your fellow.