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Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder Release Date for PS4 and Xbox One

The most recent expansion for Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment's massive title, Storm King's Thunder is available for PS4 and Xbox One on October 18. 


Storm King's Thunder is Neverwinter's tenth expansion, where adventurers will experience a unique story about the rise of giants, based on the upcoming storyline from Wizards of the Coast.


Similar to the Storm King's Thunder adventure coming from Dungeons & Dragons later this year, Neverwinter - Storm King's Thunder sees giants invade the world of Neverwinter. Adventurers will travel north to Bryn Shander (the heart of the Ten Towns) to investigate the sudden presence of frost giants in the region. Expansion content will bring players through three new adventure zones as they team up with popular characters from Dungeons & Dragons lore, including Catti-brie, Wulfgar and Harshnag.


High-level adventurers can experience a new campaign that will guide them through the new adventure zones and story content of Neverwinter - Storm King's Thunder. In addition to the story content, the newest expansion will also introduce a new tier of dungeon and additional high level equipment for adventurers looking to gather the latest gear for their characters. And Storm King's Thunder comes with plenty of new features and content, includes guild alliances, three new adventure zones, a new campaign to follow the story, a new tier of dungeon, the Ostorian relics system, class balance, and more quality of life improvements.


The Guild Alliances expansion is coming for PS4 players on that day, is designed to help guilds work together for a larger goal.  PS4 guilds of all sizes can form alliances with one another to strengthen their strongholds, team up to level them faster and earn better rewards for both guilds. Also in the Guild Alliances update is the new Sword Coast Chronicles helps guide players towards end-game campaigns, completing heroic deeds along the way.


Storm King's Thunder is coming in Octorber, let's wais and see.