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Neverwinter: How to Exchange Astral Diamond for Zen on PS4

Zen can be purchased and then converted to Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, vice versa. Zen is the same cash shop currency used across all games under publisher Perfect World. While, Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, can be obtained either through Zen conversion or through refinement of Rough Neverwinter Astral Diamonds found in the game. Players can earn Neverwinter Astral Diamonds by doing certain types of quests and missions. In this page, steps to exchange AD for Zen on PS4 will be explained.


The following are steps:


1. Earn rough astral diamons by doing dungeons, skirmishes and pvp.


2. Go to inventory - riches - select rough astral diamonds - press x to refine into astral diamonds.


3. Go to menu - Astral diamond exchange - Enter how much Zen you want to buy and offer an exchange rate (currently ~180 AD for 1 Zen).


4. List your offer. The higher rate you set the quicker it will be bought. Yesterday I offered 182 AD = 1 Zen and it was sold immediately . 


5. In the Astral Diamond Exchange window, you now have to click triangle to turn your "exchange Zen" into "personal Zen". This is basically just retrieving your zen from the market so now you own them.


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