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Neverwinter: Is Fire Archo the Best DPS Companion?

The Fire Archon is a striker companion that can be purchased (at Uncommon quality) from the Trade Bar Merchant for 800 Tarmalune Trade Bars. It can also be found in the Trove of Elemental Evil. So this article is about the discussion of Fire Archo, with agreements and disagreements.


Some people agree it is really the best dps companion, which is better than the shadow demon. It has a decent active in addition to 3 offense slots and a ranged attack. Fire Archon is a must, any companion with 3 offense slots, a decent active bonus and a ranged attack will do.Once the bonding stone fix goes live on PS, you could pick the Fire Archon as your summoned companion. Until then the "over" stacks from Shadow Demon, and his back stab are to good to pass up lmao. Air Archon is and will always be bae of the archons, at least in terms of 'dps' companion. It's essentially a damage boost with 99% uptime while Fire Archon gives a slightly better boost with a lot shorter uptime.


However, some hold opposite opinions. They don't think so under such conditions. The bonding stone changes opened up the doors for a much wider selection of choices in summoned companions. There isn't a single thing that the Fire Archon can do, that another companion can't do better. When it comes to bonding stones there really isn't much difference, if at all. However there's also insignia powers that give power/defense. They add quite a bit and the speed at which companions get to a full stack of 4 varies wildly.


By the way, it depends on you and how to use it. Or you can try to use something else, like Wayward Wizard, its attcking rate is the highest of all companions. Plus all his skills actually proc the bonus. Some powers from other companions do not proc insignia bonuses.


Putting these into consideration, then choosing a proper dps companion is ok. So anything else you need like Astral Diamonds, items for your game?