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Neverwinter: How to Get Zen or Keys without Buying

Zen is an in-game currency used in Neverwinter. Zen can also be used to purchase certain features and services for a player's account. You can buy zen with real money. So here is how to get zen with buying. 


If you are new to the game, below are ways you should know. 


First, you can convert astral diamonds to zen via the zen exchange (check the buttons at the top of your in game screen), however there is a serious backlog at them moment and it might take a couple of weeks. The exchange rate is maxed out at 500 ad (astral diamonds) to 1 zen, so 1 key will cost you 62500 ad. The Zen rate at the moment seems more like 1,5 day wait per 1M queue.


Second, using Zen to buy lockbox keys is not the best way to spend money. Buy VIP, the keys you get from that is way cheaper than buying them directly. And as you level up VIP you get a lot of other very nice benefits. Getting VIP involves Zen and that implies money for new user. However, if you figure you like the game and you do like to open lockbox, that is a good investment and the far cheapest way to get lockbox key. You get one lockbox key per day. There are other goodies that comes with VIP besides the lockbox key.


Third, if you are a PC player, and you have installed the Arc client to play from, there are Arc Quests, which allow you to earn Zen. But the earn rate is slow, and you have to be willing to install many other PWI games on your system. The quests are essential that you shall open game x 7 days in a row, or log onto Arc 10 days in a row, or such. You don't have to play the games - all you do is open them - count to like 3, then close them.


Last, play each class 1-70, then move onto a real game. This game is the exact same thing as 1-70 as it is end game only a lot of grind, and recycled content and extra 0's. The lockboxes and loot in general is a giant scam lottery system that hides its odds and makes people think they actually have a good chance by seeing global messages saying people won.


Hope these can be helpful when you are new to the game. You need astral diamonds to exchange zen, and pay attention to the exchange rate.