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Neverwinter: Important Tings to Know and Do when You Start to Play

Here is a list of a couple things everyone should keep your eyes on, or consider doing the moment they start playing this game, it will be definitely helpful.




This is at the top, ask anyone that has been playing neverwinter for a while what going to give you the best return on investment (Best bang for your buck) and they will tell you that it buying just 1 mount from the Zen store.


Zen store mounts are account wide, so if you buy one mount from the store all your other characters are going to get the mount as well, and in the future any character you create will get that mount as well, you could create 100 characters and all hundred of them will get the mount.


Leadership Profession 


Professions in general are going to take a while, so it best to start working on them as soon as you have access to them when you reach lvl 10.


The Profession that has the best return on investment is the Leadership profession, and that because when you lvl it to the max level you will be able to make AD (Astral Diamonds) from it, you can make a total of 25k (25,000AD) per day, per character, so imagine you have 4 characters with max leadership that 100k AD per day.


And remember, you can always create more characters just for professions if you can afford it, don't just stick to one character, if you have empty slots that your not using, use them for professions.


Do not waste money on gear until you reach max level


Do not buy any type of gear until you reach the max level, leveling up in this Is very easy so if you buy guy it going to get outdated in a few hours, and you don't even need those gears to level up.and it doesn't matter if your looking for certain stats, the only part of your adventure you should consider your stats is when you reach end game.


You can do all the campaign quests in the game with the same equipment you get at the start, do not bother wasting your time with gears, just focus on leveling and getting to 60.


Know the classes you play and their roles 


This is self explanatory, people get it confused sometimes especially us consoles players, we are used to lawlessness and just doing whatever we want. so if you want to dps go with a dps class, want to heal go with a healer class, want to tank go with a tank class.


The best most effective way to level up is to follow the questline 


Follow the quest line and do not leave any zones without completing every quest there, please save yourself the headaches and do quests accordingly, and you level up fast by doing quests because quests give a lot of exp and you get a lot of exp from killing mobs while doing the quests.


Again follow the quests accordingly, trust me you do not want to run out of quest and cant do anymore quests until you level up. And remember you get more exp for doing quests with a party.


These are just a few things new players should know and consider.