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Neverwinter Latest Patch Notes Released

Neverwinter officially released the patch notes, including fixes for sea of moving ice, combat and powers, items and economy, etc. Let's check below.


Neverwinter patch notes


Patch Notes:

Content and Environment

Sea of Moving Ice

  • The weekly quest, The Runestead, now gives campaign currencies in addition to reputation.


  • Manticores no longer incorrectly fully heal if the entire player party dies in Normal mode.
  • Manticores now properly regain collision after Serissa leaves the battle.


Combat and Powers

Oathbound Paladin

  • Oathbound Paladins created before November 10, 2016 have received a free respec token (max 1). 


Items and Economy

Artifacts and Artifact Weapons

  • The Manticore Talon artifact can no longer be cancelled during the jump to prevent its cooldown from being triggered.
  • The "Earthen Heart" artifact weapon set bonus once again properly accumulates stacks.

Stronghold Overload Enchantments

  • Overload Enchantments that affect Trolls and Giants now display proper icons for their power buffs.
  • Companion-only enchantments no longer incorrectly activate when equipped by players.
  • Player-only enchantments no longer incorrectly activate when equipped by companions.


  • Dead player characters can no longer incorrectly be resurrected by healing potions under certain circumstances.


Performance and Stability


  • A known crash in texture rendering has been partially alleviated, and remaining occurrences should provide more data for diagnosis.


You can check the whole patch notes on Neverwinter's forum. Do you join the Neverwinter winter festival? If not, join in to get the rewards. By the way, you can also get cheap Astral Diamonds here.