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Neverwinter Character Creation Guide

The Character Creation process looks as any other MMO with a few differences. The player will select their shard, their race, their class, their ability scores, their appearance, and finally their background. 


Function of various character selection

Shard selection: another name for server selection and to determine what server the character will be created on.


Racial selection: to determine the race of the character, special racial powers, and bonus points in certain ability scores.


Class selection: determining the role and play style of the character.


Ability score selection: to define the character even more by making them strong in some stats while weaker in others.


Appearance creation: to allow you to create a unique character and set yourself apart from other characters.


Background selection: to allow you to choose various selections that help to create a better feel for the character and adds more chances for roleplay if desired.


After you finish character creation, the opportunity will be given to you to check your work and create a name for the character.




It's known as servers, are the contained environments that encompass all gameplay. Characters on different shards cannot interact with each other in any way.There are currently three shards in open beta. All shards are exactly the same with no special restrictions (such as Role-Playing or Player-vs-Player).They are:


  • Mindflayer
  • Beholder
  • Dragon


A shard must be selected for each character. Once made, this selection is permanent. You can create characters on separate shards, but those characters can not interact with each other.


Race Selection


Neverwinter race selection


After server selection the fun begins, screen below presents first stage: race selection.


1. Gender selection and character preview (gender choice is purely cosmetic, does not affect the statistics or the gameplay).


2. A description of the race and its characteristics - each race has two distinctive passive skills and one called Ability Scores, which determines to what main stats (strength, vitality, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, charisma) are added as a racial bonus.


3. Available races.They are Human, Elf, Halfling, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Drow, Tiefling and Half-Orc.


4. Previous and Continue buttons.


Racial bonus gives +2 to one predefined Ability Score(AS), and +2 to one of two AS, only humans have the ability to add only two points to AS.


Class Selection


Neverwinter class selection


Class Selection is the second step. Its the role of the hero. To be the wizard fighting from afar, or that rogue sneaking to plant her daggers in someones back. This is where the adventure will all begin.


There are currently 5 classes in the game.


Control Wizard

The Control Wizard manipulates the battlefield and positions enemies where he wishes them to be.


Devoted Cleric

The Devoted Cleric is imbued with divine power and seeks to help her allies while destroying her enemies.


Great Weapon Fighter

The Great Weapon Fighter is a master in melee combat. She swings her greatsword with such momentum that multiple enemies are felled in her path.


Guardian Fighter

The Guardian Fighter fights on the front lines of any combat to protect his allies and keep enemies at bay.


Trickster Rogue 

The Trickster Rogue devestates behind enemy lines as he strategically strikes down powerful enemies.


Ability Scores


Neverwinter ability scores


Ability Scores are stats that help to power up your character. You may reroll ability scores until you get the set of scores you like that match your character the best. The rolls for the ability scores are not randomized and are determined by a premade list so there are no custom scores and it is not truly randomized. For example, there is a gauranteed 18 on the class main score, which usually leads to a 20 for the score total. 


Each point above ten for an ability score provides one percent more to the stats that ability governs.


Ability Scores highlighted in purple is your classes main ability score and the ones highlighted in blue are the classes secondary scores. It is highly recommended to make your main ability score the highest with your secondary scores only slightly below it. The other three scores are not as important to have, but you may want to have extra points in them depending on what race you are or if you want to have more stats in one of the stats governed by another ability score.


Icons appear at the bottom of the ability score window that can change what ability scores your race choice affects. Depending on the race, you can either choose between two different selections (like the Tiefling having a +2 to CHA and CON, or a +2 to CHA and INT) or from many selections that apply only a +2 to a single score (Humans).


Characters get two additional points to distribute at Level 10 and an additional two points at Level 20.




Neverwinter appearance


Time to give that brand new hero a look. Be it long or short hair, a threatening scar, or how about a brand new tattoo? The appearance page is the place where your character finally gets his or her distinct look. If you aren't feeling creative or just want to get in the game, you can just choose from 12 already made presets.


Appearance Features


Head Shape: Hair

Eyes: Eyebrows

Facial Hair: Complexion

Horns: Tattoos

Scars: Face Scaling

Body Shape: Body Scaling




Neverwinter background


Character orgins


Amn: Moonshae Isles


Baldur's Gate: Myth Drannor


Cormyr: Netheril                                       


Dragon Coast: Neverwinter                                   


The Dalelands: Luruar                                   


Gray Vale: Luskan                                          


Waterdeep: The Northdark    


Deity affiliation


Amaunator - Chauntea                                          


Corellon - Kelemvor                                              


Moradin - Oghma                                              


Selûne - Silvanus                                                 


Sune - Tempus                                                   


Torm - Tymora 


Character Origins and Deity Affiliation do not directly effect your character, but do give them titles in game depending on the two choices. Region origins provide titles such as "of the Dragon Coast" and "of Luskan". Deity Affiliation titles provide the title of the worshipers.




The final page of the Character Creator is the Overview page. This is where you can review all of your choices throughout the creation of the character and decide if you wish to back to earlier on in the creation and change aspects of the character. The Overview page lists and details your character's class, race, ability scores, appearance, region background, and deity affiliation. You are also able to create a backstory for your character to enhance role-playing. Your character's name is chosen on this screen.