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Neverwinter: Good Spots to Farm XP for Power Points

XP can be earned by defeating enemies, completing the quests, completing the achievements, and completing the leadership tasks. However, farming XP is also a way. So this article is introducing good spots to farm XP.


Neverwinter spots


1. Sharandar

Sharandar gives a power point as a campaign reward - you can normally get 1 power point every 4 days. Sharandar takes around 10mins to complete all 3. While it's crap xp, you get power points every 4 days and you get thaums to boot.


2. Spinward

Make sure  you have the xp boon on, put azure's in all of your utilities, and use prosperity insignias. Then here are some tips.


1) Giants in Spinward Rise (super easy to kill, takes no time, can usually get an entire level in about an hour of running around).


2) While you are running around spinward, queue up for shores/kessels/etos. Shores should take under 3 mins, kessels under 4, spiders under 7.


3) If you're able to get together a perfect farming group, then what you want to do is CN/eToS farm, but do it efficiently. Don't leave the dungeon when complete, just queue up and go on the next one as soon as you grab chests. If seals fill up, have people leave party, go to enclave, then invite them back in (private queue of course). You all can continue clearing and they'll be back in time for bosses.


3. Stronghold

If you go where the black dragon spawns there is an orc encampment that have 6 spawn mobs. If the heroic spawns leave. One by one as you move through them the others will re spawn. Overall 1 full bar at 70 easily under an hour can be as fast as 30 mins. By the way, Daily stronghold quests give a ton of XP。


Hope this page can be helpful for you. Enjoy the game.