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What to Do for Master Crafting in Neverwinter

Some players may wonder how to start master crafting. This page will give some suggestions about how to start master crafting in Neverwinter.


Neverwinter Masterwork Profession


For the master crafting, you only need one profession to 25, but you will find you need to complete multiple Masterwork Professions if you are to be an independent crafter. Pick one profession to start with. Alchemy is a good one because you will need it for several of the other professions as well. Once you are rank 25 in the profession you choose. Visit the Artisan in the Stronghold and begin your training quests. There are other two things you need to do:


First thing, making a number of items in order to receive your epic Masterwork Tool for that profession. It helps to have a mythic forgehammer of gond because the success rate of masterwork tasks is very low, especially before you get the epic tool.


Second thing, purchasing Explorer's Charts with Guild Marks and use them to pick up raw materials for your chosen profession.


There are also some key points you shall bear in mind:


1) Completing the training for each profession is a multi-step process. You are not done after you turn in your first items to the Artisan - he will give you another quest and recipe - this repeats about 4 times until the capstone item


2) You cannot complete a single profession without using resources completed by a different profession. You must either craft these, buy on the AH, or cooperate with friends.


3) There is not a huge market for Masterwork items at this point, but it is still rewarding to complete, and it may be more useful in the future.


4) If you do choose to purchase any raw materials or completed Masterwork items, check with a few of the sellers for better pricing - many Masterwork Crafters will give you a discount.


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