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Neverwinter Advice for Scourge Warlock PvP

Scourge Warlock is not an easy PvP class, as it tends to underwhelm with poor dodge, poor deflect, no one hit kills and not so tanky as to survive a barrage. So here is advice for this PvP class.


Neverwinter SW PvP


1). Best advice would be to focus on rotations that include some combination( any 3 of these 4) of WB, HG, SS, and KF. 


2). Switching gear out is mandatory as a lack of tenacity is a deal-breaker. It is recommended to keep overloads handy for pvp if it turns out to be something you enjoy, as ripping AP from people does wonders to opposing teams ability to put up a decent fight.


3). Be aware that you can win conq. shards from completing Black Ice Domination in either of the open PVP areas. It's quite common for you to manage do this uncontested, particularly in Dwarven Valley.


4). You just need to git gud. Utilize your shadow slip in short bursts to make it hard for melee classes to hit you. Killing flames can take out half their health on a good hit. Always wear full pvp armor. Have an artifact set bonus that increases your damage. Use drowned weapons.


Also below is a pvp guide uploaded by PavlosT Scourge Warlock, you can check to see his whole updates about SW PvP.



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