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Over 12 Million Players Across All Platforms of Neverwinter

Neverwinter, the Dragons and Dungeons based on free to play MMORPG, hits more than 12 million players across all three platforms, including more than 2 million players on PS4, 3 million on Xbox One as well as 7 million playing on PC. 


The Cryptic Studios-developed online game launched in on PCs in 2013 and hit Xbox One in 2015. It stands out from the likes of World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online not just with its D&D-based setting, the Forgotten Realms, and tie-ins with its novels but with regular content updates that go arm-and-arm with the tabletop RPG's latest storylines, including Storm King's Thunder, which pits the Sword Coast North against rampaging giants. This fall, the free Storm King's Thunder expansion will come to both PS4 and Xbox One. 


To celebrate, Cryptic Studios has released series of things. You can expect some double bonuses throughout the week.


1. 09/13 - 09/19: 2x Enchants & Runes and 2x Astral Diamonds


2. 09/15 - 09/19: 2x XP and 2x Glory


Besides, there are milestones having been achieved, including 3.2 million characters created, with over 30,000 reaching the Level Cap of 70; 1.6 billion minutes of Neverwinter played on PS4; 50 billion Astral Diamonds earned; 18 million mounts attained; 11,000 guilds formed.


Neverwinter turns players into adventurers, who can create characters with their own rich backstories from eight playable classes and several races. This fall, let's expect Storm King's Thunder expansion.