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Guild Alliances out on Neverwinter for Xbox One

Guild Alliances expansion has just been released for Xbox One. This feature provides the opportunity for alliances of up to 13 guilds to contribute to each other's growth and band together for challenging tasks. 


With this update, players will be able to visit allied guilds' Strongholds, take part in Alliance-wide chat, and gain benefits from their guild's spot in the alliance, based on the level of all guilds combined. Players may also shop at allied guilds' stores and contribute to allied guilds' coffers, if they so choose. While a smaller expansion, this does feature a couple of fun updates to improve the experience. 


The first is Sword Coast Chronicles. This piece updates the interface, making it easier to experience the story (which is quite enjoyable) in a better, more efficient manner, allowing the player to go from start to the level cap in the proper story order. Truthfully, I haven't personally had issues with this pre-update, but updating the interface to keep the quest lines clear and well organized will not be turned down.


The second is Stronghold system. This allows guilds of any size to ally with one another, allowing them to help each other to grow their structures and standings in the world. Now, PC players have had these features for a while, but it's nice for console players to see the update. 


The quarterly updates that Cryptic Studios keeps releasing helps keep it fresh. I guess you must be expecting updates for this game.