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Neverwinter: How to Do DPS for a Tank Build

In a perfect world, the tank will be aggro-ing the boss, and all the of the DPS will be on the other side of the boss doing combat advantage damage. Here is how to play DPS.


First, necessities of DPS:

  • Damage, you need a good build and good equipment.
  • Have enough survivability, being able to dodge attacks. The tank can't protect you from everything.
  • Be close enough to the tank & healer to receive buffs (can't stress this one enough).


Neverwinter tank


Although it depends on the dungeon, you could trade out heals and tank for buffs and debuffs. Burn them big and fast. Take Orcus as examples, the longer that fight grinds out, the more likely your tank will be watching from the door or the floor. Fray and anointed the damage dealers and let them get into a pissing match over paingiver.


Below are extra general tips, which may not be applicable.


1. Min/max your stats with a good build as a newer player, don't just pick what you think will work because some things can be confusing or not helpful, especially since the tool tips don't give enough information or are misleading. The nice thing about following a build is that someone has taken the time to actually test the interactions between feats on a test dummy and come up with an optimal mix. e.g. mixing too much recovery for a control wizard because they already use spell twisting.


2. Take care of the adds, if you're getting chased by something you can't kill take it to the tank, if something is on the tanks back, it has combat advantage, control/kill it before going back to the boss.


3. Get combat advantage, don't just stand behind the tank, go behind the enemies or on the sides of them.


4. If you'll notice the behavior of mobs, you'll get an idea what to do and what not to do. If the adds come at you, you simply move or ignore them and they will move to another target. If they get in your way and you hit them then they're yours. Stay out of the red and move a lot without causing more aggro. Running them past the tank really works well, Get used to the behavior of each and everything you fight.


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