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Boss Encounter Details for Fangbreaker Island in Neverwinter

With Fangbreaker Island, Neverwinter' s next epic dungeon coming, here is a further illustration about boss encounter. 


To make boss fights more challanging for players, the new dungeon try a different design philosphy. Rather than using adds, additional enemies to change the pace of fight. All the three new bosses in Fangbreker Island use phrase transitions, new abilities and positioning to liven up the fights. More than ever these encounters will require coordination, the game will add more and more never-before-seen mechanics at you and your adventuring party that will require more than just a higher item level to overcome.


At your first sight, Manticore Battle will be a tough one to conquer because Manticore will involve using the battlefield against you. After a bit of spelunking you'll find yourself toe-to-flipper with an adult dragon turtle.This galleon-sized sea monster will bite, tear and slam while also using its ability to fire high-pressure steam. Your last enemy Drufi brings the full mighty of frost, snow and ice against you and tear down your group. Check out the following videos to have a glimpse of the pitched battles you will face off in your future expedition. Below is a video uploaded by PoVGameplay to show.