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Neverwinter Contest for Rainbow Starry Panther on Xbox One

Neverwinter officially announced to hold a contest for wining Rainbow Starry Panther on Xbox One. In this article, we will let you know its working principles and what you should obey.


This gorgeous panther has a coat of shifting colors with a rainbow trail to follow as it prowls throughout the Forgotten Realms. It contains an Illuminated and Universal Insignia slot.


Here is how the contest work. All submissions (screenshots) need to be in by October 28 at 9:59AM PT. What you need to do is to scout out all of these spots, take the same screenshot with your character in front and post it in the official forum thread - please include your character name and Gamertag. The screenshot will all in zones which scream Halloween. 7 winners will be out from those who get the correct screenshots before November 4 and send them the code through a PM on the forums.


You can take a screenshot by OneDrive, download the app and then share your screenshot to OneDrive. Or you can use your camera or hone, if your picture isn’t clear enough so that your character can't be distinguished, the entry will not be counted.


By the way, there are rules you should obey:


  • You must use the same character for each of your screenshots.
  • All screenshots need to be posted in the forum topic before the deadline.
  • Try not to spoil the locations so all adventurers can search fairly.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • You cannot enter with/for another person (You can take screenshots with other people in it, but everyone needs to submit their own screenshot in their own entry).
  • A screenshot counts if it gets most of the same background or is obviously in the same place.
  • This contest is only for Xbox One. The Rainbow Starry Panther is currently not available on PS4.


Besides, you have to notice that, you don't need to be level 70. So just enjoy the game.