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Neverwinter PS4 update: Neverwinter 1.03 launches with full patch notes

Neverwinter PS4 server status is currently down with the Xbox One servers and PC, Cryptic Studios has confirmed, while there is now a rough timeline for when the service could be back online.


The Neverwinter PS4 update has been completed and has brought the popular title up to version 1.03.


Neverwinter 1.03 includes a huge list of changes, which can be found below in the official patch notes. And it should be noted that a bonus double Astral Diamond weekend has been added that commences and ends August 25 - 29. 


Content and Environment

  • The dungeon, Pirate King's Retreat, is now available
  • Text and voice-over throughout the game has received various tweaks and improvements.


Player Classes

Devoted Cleric powers now consistently have sound effects.



  • Electric Tiger: This mount is now Uncommon quality, increased from Common. 
  • This is only a cosmetic change; the movement speed increase already matched that of an Uncommon mount.
  • Neverwinter Champion's Charger: This mount now properly makes sound when playing its "jump when standing still" animation.


Account Linking

The Account Linking dialog box now properly closes when finished, even if the player spent over an hour linking their account.



Players may now post items with a face button in the "My Consignments" tab.




When attempting to turn in a quest remotely, the screen is now properly functional.


Voice Chat

  • Players are now properly removed from voice chat when they return to the login screen.
  • Voice chat can no longer connect to a player when you have them blocked.
  • Voice chat now properly remains functional when reconnecting after a network disconnect).


Zen Market

Temporarily hidden items no longer incorrectly show up in the Zen Market (though unpurchaseable) when the player's inventory is full.


Performance and Stability

  • Unlocking Artifact Powers on an equipped Artifact no longer crashes the client.
  • Various crashes and memory leaks exposed by the large player base have been addressed.
  • When logging into Vellosk or Helm's Hold, or certain other maps, there is no longer a stall.
  • When the system is set to the French-Canadian language, French language files are now properly downloaded on startup. 
  • This resolves a crash.



  • The audio levels throughout the game are now more consistent for the French and German languages.
  • The French tutorial tip for the touch pad button now properly has VO consistent with the text.