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Neverwinter Developer Explain How Sea of Moving Ice Environment Worked out

The Neverwinter developer, Environment Artist Ryan talked about how his team work out the Sea of Moving zone. Although his words are very short, you can still grasp information somewhat. 


"In order to make this zone different and players gain new experience, every Environment Artist on the team worked on this zone at some point in time. Sea of Moving Ice is a pretty big and expansive zone, where players can explore atop icebergs and traverse the sea as they iceberg hop. With this zone, I wanted to juxtapose man-made huts and props against big icebergs and natural terrain, so players will see a big expanse of water or snow broken up by things like an ice hunter village or a wrecked ship."


Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice environment


"The ice hunters' props and huts were a big motif in this zone. Working with other artists, I helped develop and direct the look and feel of the Ice Hunters kit. The main motif of their kit is animal bones and various hides stitched together. Everything they make and use comes from either bone or hide so you won't see any metal or wood from these people. We developed the look of the huts first, then used that as a baseline for designing the rest of the ice hunter kit."


Neverwinter Ice hunter and huts props


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