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Tips to Make Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter

Astral Diamonds are in-game currency, which can be exchanged for Zen and used to buy items. Here are 3 tips to assist you with making ADs.


1. By leadership in Xbox One


In Neverwinter Xbox One version, leadership is a profession where Mercenaries are managed to perform various tasks. The focus of this profession is earning additional Gold, experience points, Astral Diamonds, consumable items. gems and resources for other professions. When you reach level 60, you can sell more good items, go to the dungeons to farm T1/T2 gear equipment, and sell the gear to other players for money.


2. Invocation


Invocation is a game mechanic in Neverwinter where characters can call upon the gods for boons and gifts. This is available to all characters above level 10, regardless of class, race, or other aspects of the character. The rewards contain standard loot, temporary boosts, as well as Ardent Coin and Celestial Coin, two forms of currency used to trade for special potions or equipment.


3. Daily Requests


Upon reaching certain levels within the Neverwinter game, you will be able to unlock the ability to do Daily Quests from Rhix. And various types of Dailies in Neverwinter will also be available to you to complete for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. At higher levels, you will receive daily quests to complete certain activities multiple times for greater rewards.


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