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Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder Gear Progression System

Storm King's Thunder is coming out on October 18. And Neverwinter official has been released the patch notes for PS4. Here let's take a look at gear progression system.


1. PVP 


PVP is also getting a full new line of gear. The Warborn set at item level 140 is the first PVP set for real-money currency. Similar to Frostborn/Dusk it is available for Trade Bars and ZEN purchases. The stronger Prestige set at item level 145 is available for Glory and Seal of Triumph. With the Prestige set the price structure of the PVP equipment is majorly changed. 


2. Voninblod


Voninblod is new resource of the gear progression system. It can be farmed from special Relic nodes throughout the three new maps. Voninblod is used to empower the new line of PVE gear that comes with Module 10. Each class gets two Frostborn sets that can be acquired in the Trade Bar store and several Zen purchases. Similar to Dusk it is the a premium set that requires real-money currency, but is available right at the launch. 


3. Everfrost Resistance


Without Everfrost Resistance, you can't even get into Fangbreaker Island. The new dungeon requires 28% of Everfrost Resistance, a new stat featured on both Frostborn and Relic gear. What most people on PC did was acquiring enough gear to beat the requirements, but switch to their old gear in the dungeon. Endgame groups do not require the resistance to beat the dungeon. The fastest way to get to the 28% is by grinding for the Relic boots (8%), add Makos' Signet (3%) from the campaign, an Excavator's Potion of Everfrost Resist (5%), the second boon of the campaign (2%), two Everfrost Resist Armor Kit (6%) and one piece of Frostborn gear (4%). 


Voninblod is not the only resource you need to get your Relic Armor set. Pieces come in unrestored form and have to undergo relic restoration to be usable. This restoration needs a significant amount of resources, most namely Lanolin, that drop from Heroic Encounters in all three zones. The initial high and continued effort to acquire the gear and keep it empowered makes this a controversial system. The new gear is only an upgrade to its predecessors when empowered, adding a daily Voninblod grind on top of the ones that already exists.


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