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Neverwinter Storm King's Thunder Available on Consoles

Neverwinter's new expansion Storm King's Thunder now is available for PS4 and Xbox One. Besides, there are patch notes updates alongside with this expansion.


This expansion, "taking place in Icewind Dale, players are tasked with traveling to Bryn Shander to stem the flow of one of the most metal breed of monsters. They will not be forced to do it alone, as classic characters like Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Harshnag will be lending their skills and aid. The new campaign itself begins at the aforementioned Bryn Shander, but will continue through Lonelywood and Cold Run. There is also a new dungeon, taking place on Fangbreaker Island, to unlock and tackle."


But it seems that players are getting trouble with starting the game, and Neverwinter said they will figure out and offered a probable solution that reinstalling the game on their twitter


As the patch notes for today's Neverwinter update show, you'll find Storm King's Thunder, as well as Guild Alliances, Sword Coast Chronicle:


New Campaign: The new end-game campaign for Storm King's Thunder is broken down into three parts, each unlocking a new adventure zone. When all three zones are cleared, players will have access to the dungeon on Fangbreaker Island.


The Maze Engine - Guild Alliances (PS4): Guilds of all sizes can form alliances with one another to strengthen their strongholds, team up to level them faster and earn better rewards for both guilds.


Sword Coast Chronicle (PS4): Quality of life update to guide players towards end-game campaigns, completing heroic deeds along the way.


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