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Neverwinter Dungeon Key Changes

Dungeon keys can be used to open and claim the rewards from one chest. While, the Neverwinter team announced dungeon key changes officially on the forum, which has sparked hot discussions among players. 


Keys are currently acquired by purchasing them from the Zen Market, completing certain campaign tasks, or obtaining them from certain non-player characters. There is a feature in the Neverwinter game whereby players can open a bonus chest at the end of certain dungeons through use of special items named:


  • Legendary Dragon Key
  • Daily Dungeon Chest Key
  • Epic Dungeon Chest Key
  • Standard Dungeon Chest Key
  • Mystic Dragon Key
  • Arcane Dragon Key
  • Dragon Queen's Key
  • Lesser Demonic Key
  • Greater Demonic Key
  • Malabog's Castle Key
  • Valindra's Tower Key
  • Kessell's Retreat Key
  • Ancient Runic Key
  • Dark Fey Key
  • Thayan Chest Key
  • Thayan Lair Key


In the Sea of Moving Ice update releasing on the live server on November 8th, there will be a change happening to how these keys work.


There is currently a bug on the live server whereby a player may view the rewards without using a key. To ensure that keys are not accidentally used, the user interface in game will alert you to which key would be consumed and ask for confirmation before continuing. 


Meanwhile, the team are going to lower the cost of the Zen store item "Legendary Dragon Key 5-Pack" from 300 Zen to 250 Zen. 


It's obvious that the key changes have ignited players' rage and they indicated that they'll quit and won't play the game. So what about your opinion? Are you still playing or not?